Disko Kosmopolit feat. Her Golden Whip

Samstag // 20. Mai 2017 // 22:00h

It's the middle of April and it's -1°C in Berlin, it's snowing in Ukraine, the world is going mad.... everything's changing, not always for the better, and there's noone you can trust anymore. Well, in fact there is someone out there, the last (we)men standing..... By now you've probably guessed I'm talking about the Disko Kosmopolits, the DJ-Superhero-Crew, whose monthly coming to Berlin is each time an event extraordinaire. In April they rocked the Badehaus Berlin together with the fantastic Gypsy Ska Orquesta from Venezuela, in May they're back with another fabulous band, Her Golden Whip - eight fellow cosmopolitans from all over the world with a unique blend of klezmer, ska, rock'n'roll and canzoni italiane. Remember: coming to dance and sweat with the Disko Kosmopolits on that night is your last chance to get a ticket to the summer! Ukrainian belly dance meets bavarian dancehall, dabke from Finnland meets polka from England! 

DJs Yuriy Gurzhy & Miriam Karacho Ra Baukin
Live: Her Golden Whip