A live jazz band play the music of Outkast

Sonntag // 26. Januar 2020 // 19:00h

Celebrating the life, music and samples of the Southern American hip hop stalwarts Outkast, a live jazz band will take you on a journey through the music of one of hip hop's most acclaimed artists!

Matt Shapiro has been active in the Berlin jazz scene for the last two years. His keen interest in hip-hop, Jazz and UK music shines through in his playing. He composes all of the compositions by cross referencing the samples and the originals, then together with the band they piece together innovative soundscapes!

Hiromu Seifert is a Berlin-based drummer, multi-instrumentalist, beat producer and composer. He is a multi-genre musician being known for his sense for groove and musical sense.

Paul Breiting has been around the Berlin Jazz scene for the last five years in various settings. Studying double bass at the jazz institute, playing electric bass for various neo-soul projects, and knowing every Marvin Gaye bassline wrap his versatile playing in a serious feel good groove.

Between live music sets and after, Sameed (NTS) will play the finest cuts (jazz, soul, funk and disco) from his catalogue of records dropped in his hip hop samples NTS Radio show!