Banglist & Friends

Samstag // 22. Februar 2020 // 19:00h

Scandi-pop, neo-rock, post-punk indie diva-group Banglist is best described as that butterfly feeling that you get when you find a new crush; they’re exciting, sexy, amazing and you’ll never be as cool as them. Everytime you meet them (or see them live) it’s a new adventure, filled with sexy guitar licks that kiss your neck, drums that rock your world, bass that spoons you just the way you like it and vocals you want to take home to meet your parents. A Banglist concert is the musical equivalent of a really amazing Tinder date that makes you believe in love at first sight.

Support: La Laguna Band, Sergeant Jammer

Doors: 19:00
Start: 19:30

Sergeant Jammer is an indie rock band based in Prague. They managed to play support to Peach Pit, the Canadian guys you might know about. Since they listen to pop as well they were very stoked to play with British Tender, and continuing the collaboration with Great Britain, they accompanied Banfi on the Austrian part of their European tour.
They just released a new single Behind The Wall. That’s their story about the feeling of being different and alienated, and seeking a place where they feel their best.
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Behind The Wall