Calle Mambo Record release Party

Samstag // 24. August 2019 // 23:00h

Endlich ist es soweit:
Calle Mambo präsentiert ihre langersehnte Cd
**** „Electro Pachamamico“ ****
Calle Mambo, von LateinAmerika bis nach Europa.
Ihre Kompositionen kombinieren die folkloristiche Rythmen aus den Anden, von Kolumbien bis Chile, von Cumbia bis zu Carnavalito, von Afrolatin Percussion bis zu den typischen Anden Instrumente mit einen satten, urbanen und tribalen Sound.

Die tollen Melodien, mystische texte, die Funky Gitarre Chichera, der spacige Moog, die Quena flöte und der Charango aus den höhen der Anden, die immer wieder herausstechenden Fills der Percussion, die ansteckende Energie des charismatischen Sängers und die fetten Beats bringen jeden zum Tanzen und auf eine Reise.
Diese Reise heisst:
Electro Pachamamico.

Begleitet wird dieser wunderschöne Abend von super DJ´s:

**** DJ Bongo ( La Regla ) ****

When it comes to Latin music events in Berlin, DJ Bongo from Colombia´s Pacific Coast is the one to talk to. He is one of the founders of La Regla , Berlin´s first and most important regular Latino party which is still running every month, providing the local Latino diaspora with Salsa, Cumbia, and Boogaloo from the 1970s and heavy Afro-Latin barrio sounds of the 21st century.

**** DJ Cntaurus A ( MS Rec. - GDL - Mexico ) ****

Centaurus A Bio
Centaurus A is the a.k.a. of the new Leo Dorantes project, founder of the emerging label MS
Records from México. Experimentation with native sounds from all coordinates; including
ethnic, religious, spiritual and prehispanic influences from several cultures around the universe.
Rescuing and spreading the trascendent traditional music to fuse it with deep rhythms, selected
melodies and powerful bass lines all along with vanguard psychedelic elements and process that
gets you into a real state of ceremonial trance. Through his music he shows the transcendence
of the sounds that our ancestors used to reach a higher state of awareness and pay tribute to the
gods creators of everything; a real spirit manifestation.
In 2016 he released two independent EPs (Mision Nomade and Cronicas en Capurgana). That
same year Centaurus A represented Mexico at Nomade Festival in Colombia, sharing the stage
with Sabo, Matanza, Dandara, Steffen Kirchhoff, Rodrigo Gallardo, Sidirum, Biomigrant, Quixosis
and others. Then in 2017 he released the EP “Ruturi” and in June 2018 he released the SP “El
Coran” both on Kumbale Records. Later on October 2018 he released his new EP “Aasatoma”
with three remixes from Ohxalá, Discoshaman, Sarrelangue and Funka on Ohxalá Records for the
tribe to enjoy. This 2019 Centaurus A will keep spreading the message around Europe at Artlake
Festival (Germany), Komod Festival (Germany), Tabulatum (Swiss) and some other beautiful
gatherings. Also he will release the first EP of MS Records looking forward to share love by
frequency to all leaving entities.