Donnerstag // 21. November 2019 // 20:00h

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Kyson · Badehaus Berlin
Support: DRINKER

Doors: 19 Uhr · Concert: 20 Uhr

“For me, making music is the most child-like thing ever,” says Jian Liew, better known as KYSON, synth-shaman of teleporting sounds. “You’re just free, running around a field naked, doing whatever you want. There are no borders to what you can do. It’s limitless.” The musican-producer has tinkered with effervescent, hip-hop soundscapes over two albums (“The Water’s Way”, “A Book of Flying”) and several collaborations (among them: Shigeto’s “Water Collides” and Bon Iver’s “Holocene”). This has culminated in his third album, the self-titled “KYSON”, a sonic memoir that jailbreaks KYSON’s repertoire through depth of narrative and tactile instrumentation. Where he ensconced his other releases in escapism, this one, by design, hits you in your soul.

In order to realize the most groundbreaking of his musical pieces, KYSON, born and raised in Australia, first had to find his own identity and – for the first time in his life – instinctively deal with his Chinese-Malay roots. At a crossroad between Western assimilation and his Asian heritage, songwriting was first of all about authenticity for him, which is not only reflected in his lyrics: “I wanted more real sounds: real drums for the first time, a real bass and a guitar,” explains KYSON. Past, present, and future styles come together in a multidimensional interplay between shimmering synths, cooing guitars, and cascading vocals. “I’ve spent two years working on this record. I went with very full ideas, just redoing parts, working with people who are close to me. I knew I was with the right people at the right place. And I’ve pretty much gotten this album to exactly where I want it.” After having accompanied artists as Mogli on tour, KYSON will play his own headliner tour in February 2020 and show us all that the true core of emotions can only be transferred to the stage by reducing complexity.