The SWAG JAM w/ FHAT | Dj Amir

Dienstag // 24. September 2019 // 21:00h

Autumn is coming! Time to bring some smooth shit to our stage: FHAT an Electronic Pop/R+B duo project from Sedric + Aaron. Loud, proud, and in your face fun! We all know - hip hop needs RnB the way Jay needs Bey - so lets celebrate the unity

On the turntables for the night is Dj Amir. Bring your dancing shoes ladies and gents.

This will be a special autumn special with lots of love and good vibes as always.

SWAG JAM #yeahyeah

 The SWAG presents The SWAG Jam

| Berlin's Finest Live Hip Hop
| Special Guests & Djs
| 2nd Set Open Mic

EVERY TUESDAY we invite all music lovers, musicians and supporters to come and join us at Badehaus
Revaler Str. 99 | RAW | Berlin F'Hain
8,00 € entry, 5,00 € before 10 p.m.

DOOR OPEN: 9 p.m.

 The Elements of The SWAG

 Rapturous Apollo Helios, R. A. H. | Mc, Vocals & The Head
 King Solomon | Vocals & Spirit
 Sugarbear | Guitar & Hype Man
 Roy Danger | Keys & Soundshead
 Stefan "Strinx" Fuhr | Bass & Producing
 Jan "Stix" Pfennig | Drums & Groovemaster


Einlass: 21 Uhr
Eintritt: 5€ bis 22 Uhr / ab 22 Uhr 8€