TOP90s: 90s Pop, Eurodance, Trash *Konfetti & Glitzer Special*

Samstag // 21. September 2019 // 23:30h

Flashbacks, confetti, soap bubbles & the best in 90s music  - that’s guaranteed @ your next TOP90s Party ‼️  This time we will celebrate our *confetti & glitter* - it is going to be soooooo great!

 #Friendlist: Post your favorite 90s song in the fb event and pay 7€ instead of 10€ entry

 #Lottery: the person who posts the fav. song with the most likes in the event, gets free entry for the party + 2x1 shot  on the party. Good luck ‼️

 #Specials: Each guest gets a 90s gimmick  as a present at the door ‼️

 #MarioKart: We got the original N64 & a beamer and you can come to play Mario Kart!

 #Music: our bests - Eichel65 aka Nick Kater & Triple Spears

So in the name of love - Invite your friends  or share the event! tickets @ the door,  want to get in 4 sure - come early ‼️