African Beats & Pieces | When West Meets East

Freitag // 07. Dezember 2018 // 23:00h

African Beats & Pieces ★ is an event series dedicated to the music of Africa and its diaspora.

With a special focus on contemporary and lesser-known artists, we strive to showcase the diversity of sounds and songs the continent has to offer, doing so through theme-specific parties involving passionate diggers & DJs.


We are super happy to bring the heat for the first time to the almighty Badehaus Berlin... and yes, this is one of these "conceptual parties"!

The idea is quite simple: we draw an imaginary line (20th Meridian East of Greenwich, because hey, why not) that splits the African continent into a Western and an Eastern half. Each DJ then only focuses on all the countries situated on his part of the continent as they take turn behind the desks.

All countries straddling that vertical line are fair game for both DJs: South Africa, Namibia, Angola, D.R. Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Lybia.

This is just one silly geographical excuse for two big African music nerds to share their favourite music from the Motherland! Be it real old or brand new music, local pop or underground, recorded with a band or through a laptop!

We're so happy to welcome the über-awesome Morgan Greenstreet a.k.a. DJ Modrums all the way from New York City for this very special show! On top of being a great journalist & radio producer (check out his many top-notch radio programs made with Afropop Worldwide), Morgan is a great drummer and a passionate lover of African music with the right mix of enthusiasm & erudition ;)

We strive to bring you here what the locals dance(d) to there!

Come with an open mind & leave with sore feet

► WEST: Modrums (New York) | Afropop Worldwide / Zona Libre

► EAST: DJ Mixanthrope (France) | African Beats & Pieces