Donnerstag // 04. Februar 2016 // 19:00h

Band Of Holy Joy live 04.02.2016 Badehaus Berlin

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Auch mit dem aktuellen Album "Land Of Holy Joy" begeistert BAND OF HOLY JOY wieder mit großen Songs getragen von den wunderbaren Lyrics Johny Brown´s und bezaubernden Melodien ummantelt vom zarten Postpunkcharme der 80er. Und so ist der Song "Isn´t That Just The Life" echter Ohrwurm, ein Hit. Ganz großer Pop!

In UK erfahren die letzten Alben der Band durchweg viel Lob und sehr positive "Fachkritik". Bei uns kennen wahrscheinlich die meisten die Band aus den Mitachtziger und beginnenden 90er Jahre. Dann wurde es erstmal länger ruhiger. Seit zwei Jahren musiziert BAND OF HOLY JOY wieder voller Hingabe.

BAND OF HOLY JOY has existed in one form or another for over thirty years now, having kept the faith with their original ideals whilst forever pushing new boundaries. They have their own show Bad Punk on London’s largest independent art radio station Resonance FM, often extending into a live audiovisual performance in theatres, art fairs and remote locations. The band still receives much critical acclaim for the albums they release, the latest being The Land Of Holy Joy out on September 21, 2015 on the Stereogram Recordings. Driven by music, beauty and life, they still put on an emotionally charged show of noise and visuals, passion and song.

"When it comes to music, nobody engages to greater effect than the Band Of Holy Joy. And don’t ask me how they keep doing it, but their new album The Land Of Holy Joy arguably represents a new benchmark even for them in their search for warmth in the wilderness"
Glenn Airey - Louder Than War

“Johny is the patron saint and torch singer for a tier of humanity increasingly ground down by bastard, callous, remote and indifferent powers that be, especially in this here big city of London”.
David Stubbs – The Quietus and Author of Future Days


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