Ketzerpop at Badehaus

Freitag // 22. März 2019 // 20:30h

22. März @ Badehaus Berlin
Doors: 20.30h
Eintritt: 8,00-12,00€

Ketzerpop präsentiert

einen Blumenstrauß an Fragen: Was ist das für ungeheuerliche Musik? Wer hat die seltsamen Leute hier reingelassen? Warum habe ich einen Stempel im Gesicht? Und Ketzerpop antwortet: Ja.

//// We have lots of live bands & acts, so we start sharp. Doors 20.30! \\\\

-> Experimental, Pop, Dream, Balearic, Wave, Kraut, Synth, House, Disco, Bass, Rave <-


Bogislaw (Ketzerpop, Leipzig)
Manu Louis (Igloo Records, FR)
So Beast (OhDear / Ubac, IT)
Syncboy (Lustpoderosa, Leipzig)
Apollo Static (Ketzerpop, Leipzig)

// DJ

Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island Records, NO)
Walt Forrest (Ketzerpop, Leipzig)
Kwal (Ketzerpop, Leipzig)
Lowfiparadise (Ketzerpop, Munich)
Menqui (Past Forward, Berlin)



Synthie-Dream-Pop from Leipzig. The first longplayer will be released in 2019 on Ketzerpop.


Manu Louis was described by French newspaper Libération as “the braggart of kitsch". That’s the price to pay for an eccentric songwriter and jack-of-all-trades composer who spends his time decontextualizationg high and low culture to create provocative juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the same throughout all of his efforts, but the ingredients he uses may vary: from dissident chanson française, heroic jazz and 20th-century contemporary music to art-pop and DIY electronics.


Four hands and two voices of the Beast are manipulated with digital overdriven piano, electric guitar, sampler/drum machine, live electronics and percussions. She is a union of styles and spirits.

So Beast is a poliedric project, creating psychedelic and intensive live shows that fits incredibly in different realities and creates a new one.


“Syncboy: The modern Krautmaster of electronics. Some people say he is the rejected son of Klaus Schulze. Tons of analogue Synthesizers, Drummachines, and even a Modular System makes his shows soundwise a timetravel back and forth. He just released an EP on the Swiss Label called "Lustpoderosa". A fantastic masterpiece which shows also the versatile soundspectrum he is delivering. Must listen and see!” (alexander arpeggio)


„Das Beeindruckende an diesem Debüt, ist, dass es Ohrwürmer und somit Hits mittleren und schweren Kalibers mit sich führt. Es ist so, als wären diese Songs schon immer Bestandteil des gehobenen Airplays gewesen, dermaßen eingängig schmeicheln sie sich ins Unter- und Oberbewusstsein.“

Carsten Agthe, Schall Magazin


Rune Lindbæk from the now legendary ‘Those Norwegians’ recording outfit has been releasing music since 1992. He has produced with the disco heroes Idjut Boys and Lindstrøm, and remixed artists like The Knife, José Gonzalez and Bryan Ferry. He has released music with seminal labels like Smalltown Supersound, Apollo/R&S, Noid and his own Drum Island Records. Rune’s musical output ranges from ambient to film music and balearic dub disco. His unique DJ style has taken him to 25 countries and he held a monthly residency at Oslo´s legendary basement Nomaden for nine years that has been a huge influence on the Norwegian deep disco explosion.


Menqui is a dj & digger constantly on the hunt for musical treasures ranging from obscure disco over cosmic synth pop, wave, proto house and many other fields. Besides sharing his music from behind the decks he has also been involved in a variety of different projects - f.e. by taking care of the newly established R-i-O Label or by contributing a remix to Don't DJ's release on Planet Almanac back in 2015.
While Menqui's mixtapes mostly invite you to float and dream away, he also feels at home in a more dancefloor oriented environment.


Lowfi-Beats outfit from Munich. Expect weird, soothing and trippy lowfi-balearic.


Rave, DnB, Trap, full-on psychic warrior shit. Anymore questions?


Artwork. Beatiful. As. Fuck.


Disco-infused tribal house. Yes, still possible 2019.