Not Quite Cosher: The Glamorous Purim Party | Dirty Honkers live

Freitag // 15. März 2019 // 21:00h

Presented by Spitz Magazine Berlin מגזין שפיץ ברלין

Oh my god Sarit Haddad, It’s Purim time again!
Get your costumes ready and come to have booze with the Jews at the best Purim party in town.

The one and only queen of fringe Nana Schewiz will open up the night with a onetime Purim show! And of course a sensational line-up, that will leave no Tuches unshaked! The Dirty Honkers will funk it up with live electro swing, followed by glam and fame at the costume contest with the FABULOUS Queen Esther.

- Dirty Honkers live
- Purim Show in drag
- Costume contest
- Make-up stand for the untalented!
- Mishloach-Manot sweeties and special shots!

Last chance for a Carnival dance!
What do you traditionally do on Purim? Dress up, eat sweets and get drunk as hell. Sounds doable, right?
Price: 8€ presale / 10€ at the door (+ hangover)

So, what was that Purim thing again?
The Persian king Achashverosh gets drunk at his party and orders his wife Vashti to dance naked in front of all his friends. When she disagrees, he kicks her out and starts looking for a younger chick. His servants are sent to look for the most beautiful young women in the kingdom, and one of the girls they pick up is the Jew Esther, living with her cousin, Mordecai. Parallel to that, Mordecai manages to piss off Achashverosh's royal advisor - Haman (boo!!), by not bowing to him. As a reasonable response, Haman (boo!!) decides to kill all Jews in Persia.
The only hope left for the Jewish people is one sassy girl in Achashverosh's Harmon. How would it end?? You'll have to wait and see for yourselves! (spoiler alert: we survived, now let´s eat some Oznei-Haman and get shitfaced!!)

Hast du das perfekte Kostüm und Bock aufs Feiern aber keine Kohle um nach Köln zu fahren? Keine Sorge Baby, es ist Purim im Badehaus! Kostüme und Saufen a lá Jerusalem bei der besten Purim Party in der Stadt. Die einzig wahre Queen of Fringe Nana Schewitz wird den Abend mit einer einmaligen Purim Show eröffnen! The Dirty Honkers werden mit Elektro-Swing aufheizen, gefolgt von Glam & Fame bei dem Kostümwettbewerb mit der fabelhaften Queen Esther. Und natürlich ein sensationelles Lineup, das kein Tuches unbewegt lassen wird!

- Dirty Honkers live
- Schminkstand für die Ungeschickten!
- Purim Spiel in Drag
- Kostumwettbewerb
- Mischloach-Manot Süßigkeiten und Special Shots!

Deine Viva la Diva Karneval-Alternative!
Was macht man traditionell zu Purim? Sich verkleiden,
Süßigkeiten essen und saufen. Machbar, oder?

Preis: 8€ VVK / 10€ AbK (+ Kater)