The SWAG JAM w/ TheBack4dafirsttime Tour | Yannicktherapper

Dienstag // 26. März 2019 // 21:00h

The Back 4 Da First Time Tour brought to you by the Circle - starring the underground Chi-Ali & Fokis featuring Al Tejeda (Shadez Of Brooklyn) - is set to hit Europe AND the SWAG JAM. These brothers have not only worked with some of the big names in the oldschool game, they are also still killing it on stage and in the studio. Chi Ali is about to release his biography and working on a new album. And also Fokis is set to release his EP: this thing called life.

But we still got moooore for you this Tuesday: Yannick the rapper, located in Amsterdam, this young talent is here to amaze you. He just released his EP “take me to the moon”: His flow is dope and his lyrics on point.

We can’t wait for this night. It’s gonna be fiiiiire.

On the decks we got the HHDS god Dj San Gabriel.

SWAG JAM #yeahyeah

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