The SWAG JAM • mit AFROBEATS in den Mai• w/ Dj San Gabriel

Dienstag // 30. April 2019 // 21:00h

Lets celebrate the arrival of spring, chase away evil spirits and embrace life with a special AFROBEAT SWAG JAM. Since May 1st is a public holiday we will let lose and take you to the motherland, to experience the essence of our being and dance ‘til dawn to The SWAGs version of the sounds of Fela, WizKid and all the other vibrations our bodies are craving. Special live acts included!

After traveling in west Africa last year we invited our brother Dj San Gabriel to be our turntable Inspirator for the night.

Stay tuned for more #yeahyeah

▉ The SWAG presents The SWAG Jam ▉

| Berlin's Finest Live Hip Hop
| Special Guests & Djs
| 2nd Set Open Mic

EVERY TUESDAY we invite all music lovers, musicians and supporters to come and join us at Badehaus
Revaler Str. 99 | RAW | Berlin F'Hain
8,00 € entry, 5,00 € before 10 p.m.

DOOR OPEN: 9 p.m.

▉ The Elements of The SWAG ▉

► Rapturous Apollo Helios, R. A. H. | Mc, Vocals & The Head
► King Solomon | Vocals & Spirit
► Sugarbear | Guitar & Hype Man
► Roy Danger | Keys & Soundshead
► Stefan "Strinx" Fuhr | Bass & Producing
► Jan "Stix" Pfennig | Drums & Groovemaster
► Afromaniac | Scratches & Samples