THE SWAG JAM w/ Ginger Trill and I am Tim | Dj Akio Kawahito

Dienstag // 31. Juli 2018 // 21:00h

It’s time for an African special again.. Next Tuesday with a brother from South Africa, we fulfil that intention: Ginger Trill, a word juggler since the age of 14. And if that wouldn’t be enough we will bring to you the New Yorker: “I am TIM” Singer, songwriter and mc, a recording artist, master of improvisation. We can’t wait to play and jam with these specials. How about you?

As Dj, we have not other than Akio Kawahito on the turntables #yeahyeah

Show them why we got SWAG CITY B.

▉ The SWAG presents The SWAG Jam ▉