The SWAG JAM w/ Stimulus | Dj Boogie Dan

Dienstag // 09. April 2019 // 21:00h

If you live in the city and live hip hop you must have heard of this gentleman right here. Our brother from another mother, a dope ass lyricist with that special flow: Stimulus.

“Brooklyn Raps and Berlin Beats Gloriously Unite” - was the title of High Snobiety’s article on one of Stimulus’ 2018 releases. Versatility describes his talents best and are happy to share a stage with him once again. Check out his latest EP ‘SOON’ - a project between Brooklyn & Berlin, between Future Beats & Hip Hop. (And by the way is he one of the BEST Dj’s in the city!)

We have one of Berlins finest hip hop Dj’s on the decks next week and it’s about time Boogie Dan comes back to our jam session. His vibe is unique and is guaranteed to make you dance!

SWAG JAM #yeahyeah

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