The SWAG JAM w/ Keishera James | Dj Wan.illa Nice

Dienstag // 18. Juni 2019 // 21:00h

She back in da city!!! Who? Our sista from another mista, the one with the voice you’ll not forget, the one with that special kind of soul in her voice, the one from Jamaica and Brooklyn: Keishera James!

And to top that we’ve got another celebration coming for you. Berlins very own “istillloveher”-Wanja aka Dj Wan.illa Nice will be celebrating her birthday with an extra swagalicious dj set. You better be prepared for a night of party haaaard.



▉ The SWAG presents The SWAG Jam ▉

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| 2nd Set Open Mic

EVERY TUESDAY we invite all music lovers, musicians and supporters to come and join us at Badehaus
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DOOR OPEN: 9 p.m.

▉ The Elements of The SWAG ▉

► Rapturous Apollo Helios, R. A. H. | Mc, Vocals & The Head
► King Solomon | Vocals & Spirit
► Sugarbear | Guitar & Hype Man
► Roy Danger | Keys & Soundshead
► Stefan "Strinx" Fuhr | Bass & Producing
► Jan "Stix" Pfennig | Drums & Groovemaster